Strip Sugaring Wax Application

Strip Sugaring Wax Application

aqua natural was co-founded by Rosie Khandwala who introduced strip sugaring to the UK market in made from a blend of sugar syrups and water there are no parabens polymers resins or any artificial chemicals its gentle on the skin and minimises skin trauma it applies smoothly as well as being water-soluble for effortless removal and cleaning use a wax heater or if you’re a mobile therapist you can heat the pot in the microwave the consistency should be like runny honey cleanse the skin to remove any oil or moisturizer using an oil-free pre wax cleanser use talc to absorb any moisture to free the hair from sticking to the skin in the usual manner apply a thin layer along the direction of hair growth press the strip firmly and holding the skin taut remove the strip pulling against the hair growth wipe down any residue with the damp towel and complete the treatment with our soothing mist aqua natural is also eco-friendly registered with the vegan society and cruelty free end of a leaping bunny program try aqua natural today

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