Rosie’s Interview With Marta Zaczkowska

Marta Zaczkowska waxing specialist in

Unlike previous years, New Year would be filled with jubilation and excitement to the start the year!  Unfortunately for many the 2nd wave disruption has caused much uncertainty concerns for the months ahead for us in the Beauty Industry.

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, there have been numerous unforeseen problems that arise which at a times threatened the business. The current crisis is a threat to our health and cannot be compromised, however, the financial security is coming at larger risk.

I was privileged to be offered to join for an interview with Marta Zackowska, Marta has carved herself as a leading Waxing Specialist and now has her International Training Academy. As a co female entrepreneur, we chat on my background and the challenges that I faced in establishing my business.

I can only conclude  that we can all learn from each other’s experience and find the resilience and ways to overcome this unforgiving period.

Wishing you much success for the year ahead!

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