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How To Apply Aqua Natural Sugar Wax In Salons

How To Apply Aqua Natural Sugar Wax

natural is a completely natural alternative to wax it’s made after sugar syrups only so there are no preservatives additives added to it at all you can either moment in a microwave for a minute and a half or use a wax warmer I’m going to show you a few tips which gonna help you

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How To Apply Sugar Strip Wax In A Salon Setting

Strip Sugaring Wax Application

aqua natural was co-founded by Rosie Khandwala who introduced strip sugaring to the UK market in made from a blend of sugar syrups and water there are no parabens polymers resins or any artificial chemicals its gentle on the skin and minimises skin trauma it applies smoothly as well as being water-soluble for effortless removal

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Rosie Refill and return to combat single use plastics within the beauty industry

Refill And Replace – Single Use Plastics in Te Beauty Industry

hi I’m Rosie Khandwala the co-founder of Aqua natural limited. We manufacture a completely natural sugar based hair removal product for the professional beauty industry as we all know it’s been well documented that the beauty industry is one of the largest contributors of packaging that has been found in the landfills in fact recent

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Aqua Natural Sugaring Review

hi my name is Christine and for beauty culture in backup in Lancashire in the Sun we’ve been using our natural for years when when people learn to do waxing they put on like a preparation product but that sometimes after the barrier to sugaring so you’re not really using you don’t even need to

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