How To Apply Aqua Natural Sugar Wax

How To Apply Aqua Natural Sugar Wax

natural is a completely natural alternative to wax it’s made after sugar syrups only so there are no preservatives additives added to it at all you can either moment in a microwave for a minute and a half or use a wax warmer I’m going to show you a few tips which gonna help you to make the application much more easier I’m just cleansing the skin with a mild shower gel which has been diluted to make sure that any residue of any oils or moisturizers has been removed I’m using aquanetta purifying tart to absorb any moisture from the skin so just apply it and make sure that all the moisture is being absorbed the jar has been warmed and the consistency should be of a runny honey take a little bit at the end of the spatula unlike of wax which rest can be applied by thickly make sure that the application of the product is quite thin start at the bottom and glide your spatula to get a thin layer the strip make sure that you hold the skin taut and pull just pull the strip as closely as you possibly can in the ferry direction holding the skin taut and pulling the string close to the skin will give a much better result as you can see that all the hairs will come out any residue can just be wiped away with a damp towel finish off quick money with a aqua natural soothing mist just sprayed the properties of bergamot and which has overcome the skin

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