Refill And Replace – Single Use Plastics in Te Beauty Industry

Refill And Replace – Single Use Plastics in Te Beauty Industry

hi I’m Rosie Khandwala the co-founder of Aqua natural limited.

We manufacture a completely natural sugar based hair removal product for the professional beauty industry as we all know it’s been well documented that the beauty industry is one of the largest contributors of packaging that has been found in the landfills in fact recent estimates suggest that million tons of plastic is being produced annually worldwide of which between hundred and fifty to two hundred million tonnes either end up in the landfills or in the natural environment as we often see being brought along the shores on the back of this we as manufacturers I guess regardless of whether how big or small helped to find ways how we can minimize the impact on environment so for the last few months we as manufacturers have been trying to think of a way how we could overcome the issue of single-use plastic and we realized that our product strip sugaring is completely water soluble and our jaws could be washed sterilized and refilled so here I am launching our sustainability scheme which is we feel reuse and reduce the way the scheme would work that the therapist could send them back their empty jars with the lids and we would provide free shipping labels for that and in addition give them a % discount on their next order so the idea is simple we refill you reuse and together we reduce for more information please go

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