Aqua Natural Sugaring Review

Aqua Natural Sugaring Review

hi my name is Christine and for beauty culture in backup in Lancashire in the Sun we’ve been using our natural for years when when people learn to do waxing they put on like a preparation product but that sometimes after the barrier to sugaring so you’re not really using you don’t even need to use that so you’re sitting on that product what oh it’s much simpler than that it doesn’t have to be so complicated we put it in the microwave and it’s just for a few seconds really just warm it up enough to get get it ready to work and then we put it in a wax heater and we’ll leave it in its part in there through that throughout the day on like a medium kind of temperature we’ve worked out with which heaters need what settings yeah and then we leave it like that so anybody that then comes in it’s ready but if you I mean in Asylum like this obviously we’re quite busy we have a lot of people that are coming in for any hair removal treatments but if we didn’t have a lot in you know then it will be very easy and very quick just to warm up this is just a few seconds in the back where and then it’s a case of either like keeping it clean and that’s one of the really wonderful things about it because we could just wipe things down with water if it gets on any towels it washes out you know it’s hygienic can you tell me do you use it on all parts of the body yes yeah yeah we do I don’t personally do like intimate waxing but the girls that can do intimate waxing use it and it’s filing for that and obviously because it’s sensitive skins and things inside to you it’s fine yeah the stickiness and the reaction and everything like that yeah just not a problem that can use wax on me yeah too sensitive yes or I will use wax on any of my clients yeah because that’s not fair on them doing you something that subsidizes me yeah so do you ask your clients that what you’re using on them do you explain to them yes what yang you’re using and why you use I do yeah and I always for anybody whose know if they’re coming to see me I always demonstrates it on me obviously I’m checking the temperature at the same time but I give a little demo I explain what’s in here and what’s not in it and about how simple it is to have done you know on that the hair grow regrowth and all that kind of thing too so good client satisfaction yeah absolutely we actually have clients I’ve looked up sugaring travel from further aware passing of the Psalms to get to us sugaring and what we do thing is that we do need to cotton there’s a Ledge around the corner she does something and she’s got circles cotton when she could soften them you know could fly beans and things like that so she comes in here to have that done done so she she sing what do you so we get that well it’s a saving and it’s one way of reusing your no surplus waste that yes I recycle you’re in a roundabout way and then we dispose of it so instead of it going straight in the bin because it’s clean new fabric yeah we and we can cut it to the size that we yeah because strips you can go through like anything oh yeah and then it’s just waste yeah it’s just a prototype

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