How to Use Aqua Natural Strip Sugaring

How To Use STRIP SUGARING: A guide to getting a smooth finish

The term ‘Sugaring’ has long been traditionally associated with hair removal as an ancient practice and still extensively practised in the Middle East, Africa, and India. However, the technique of flicking the sugar paste needs to be mastered with additional training.

Strip sugaring is a way forward to introduce alongside general waxing training so the application is the same as waxing, applied warm and removed with the strip.

The application is suitable for all parts of the body, full legs, bikini, underarms, and face.

The product can be warmed in a wax warmer and applied at temps between 45-48 degrees. The consistency should be like runny honey. The full jar would be let to melt on medium heat and then reduced to the lowest setting to keep it to the right consistency.

How does strip sugar work?
  • The skin preparation is using a mild diluted shower gel (in a spray) to cleanse the skin from any moisturiser, oil and makeup.
  • Wipe the skin dry
  • Dusting with talc is essential so any moisture from the skin can be absorbed.
  • A thin application will help with efficacy and you can apply a large area but remove in smaller sections
  • Place the strip, smooth it down, hold the skin taut flick the strip at a parallel angle to pull it.
  • To remove any residue use a damp towel compress to wipe it down.
  • Finish with any water-based after treatment.
  • Aqua Natural is completely water-soluble will wipe any spillages (no need of solvents)
  • Gentle on sensitive skin as it will pull the hair without causing trauma to the skin
  • It’s alternative product those who have wax allergies
  • It’s suitable for vegans
  • It is instantly biodegradable making it safe for the environment
  • The application can be repeated on the same area multiple times
  • The product is applied thinner than regular strip wax meaning less product is used.
  • It can take a while to master the temperature as warmers differ in settings
  • The angle the strip is pulled as close to the skin to get the hair to adhere to the product
  • Skin preparation is vital, making sure it is free from oil, moisturiser and not damp

Two arms, one is hairy the other is smooth and freshly strip sugared.

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