Strip Sugaring Meets Beauty Industry Standards Says Habia.

In 2019 HABIA announced there would be a renewal process for NOS (National Occupational standards) for hair, beauty, nails and aesthetics treatments.  This would be updated, including new treatments and qualifications to meet the industry standards, including strip sugaring.

As a company, we have long been campaigning to get strip sugar wax recognised as a worthy treatment alongside warm and hot wax. This was based on setting out a proposal on the benefits of strip sugar wax as a completely natural alternative to wax, free from polymers, resins or any chemical ingredients. Strip sugar wax can also be registered as vegan and certified as cruelty-free. Helping with the environment we have been the first to roll out our ‘Refill Reuse Reduce’ scheme!

Whilst there was a delay in rolling out the initial consultation due to the pandemic HABIA had been working tirelessly to meet the deadlines. We are now in the period of consultation and the survey has been distributed with strip sugar wax included as a recognised product within the hair removal waxing category. 

As we see, the future of the environment, adapting to sustainability, greener, cleaner, reducing single use plastic and pollution. These should be the focus for the beauty industry. We sincerely thank the Standard Setting Body (SSB) for their acknowledgment and giving due consideration to what we stand for. 

We are ecstatic and hopeful that the year 2020 looks promising for the industry with new and innovative treatments to be adopted by the future generation!