Refill, Reuse, Reduce: Aqua Natural Launches Sustainability Scheme

refill, reuse, recycle - sustainable sugar wax refill scheme for Aqua Natural

At Aqua Natural, we have always made ethical and eco-friendly business a cornerstone of our company and our brand.

We’re joining the war to end single-use plastic and made it our mission to identify how we could make our already recyclable Aqua Natural Strip Sugaring jars even better for the environment while keeping them user-friendly.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our “Refill, Reduce, Reuse” rewards scheme to encourage therapists and salon owners to return their empty jars of Aqua Natural Strip Sugaring to us to be washed, sterilised, and reused, free of charge. While refillable schemes are already in operation for shampoos and cleaning products, there is no such programme in place for waxing products, and we are delighted to be the first in our category to launch an initiative like this.

Our plastic jars have been a tricky proposition for us. Whilst we have always ensured that we use recyclable plastic for our jars, we felt we could take it a step further. We have continued to use plastic because we wanted a jar that was safe to microwave, for ease and speed for therapists. It is now about how we used plastic in an eco-friendly way than just recycling. Reducing the amount of single-use plastic in our process was always the next natural step in our drive to be better for the environment. Finding a way in which the jars, didn’t have to be disposed of afterwards was our aim. We believe this is a solution that will help not only our customers but the environment too!

Joining the scheme couldn’t be any easier: we require a minimum of 12 jars to be returned at any one time, and in return, a 15% discount will be added to the next order. And because Aqua Natural Strip Sugaring is 100% natural and water-soluble, it means cleaning out jars and sterilising them is easy, clean, and safe, as we don’t use any chemicals for this process. Good for our customers’ pockets, good for the environment!

Rosie Khandwala – Co-Founder Aqua Natural

Difference between Sugaring and Strip Sugaring

smooth legs in water symbolising aqua natural strip sugaring

In recent years sugaring treatment for hair removal has gained in popularity as professional publications have included ‘sugaring’ alongside other professional hair removal treatments that therapists offer.

One of the most  frequently asked questions amongst therapists is, what is the difference between sugaring and strip sugaring?

Sugaring comes in 2 different forms. In both forms the ingredients derive from mixing sugar, water and lemon juice. However, they are manufactured to different consistencies.

Traditional sugaring is formulated to be used WITHOUT strips. The paste is applied by hand against the hair growth and is flicked  along the direction of hair growth to pull the hairs out. This requires its own specialised training. The training and product are supplied by trained sugaring practitioners.

Strip sugaring, on the other hand, is formulated for use WITH strips. It can be used as an alternative to a wax-based product as the technique is very similar. The product is applied thinly along the hair growth and removed against it (like a wax). No additional training (other than waxing) is required. But there are some slight variations to skin preparation.

With both treatments, there are advantages and benefits to clients & therapists.

For Clients:

Providing a natural treatment which is gentle and less traumatic to skin. It’s vegan and cruelty-free for those who choose to make lifestyle choices.

For Therapists:

It is economical as the product is completely water-soluble. Helps sustainability as it biodegrades instantly with water.

Its free from chemicals, no cleaning solvents needed saves polluting the environment.

Aqua Natural Strip Sugaring have taken this a step further. We have formulated a product by using a blend of sugar syrups only, eliminating the need for lemon juice/citric acid. This gives it a smooth consistency, for even application and strong efficacy.

Aqua Natural Strip Sugaring is registered with the Vegan Society and approved by the Leaping Bunny Programme

A quality product without compromise!

Strip Sugar safe for the environment

sugar waxing is good for the environment

Why using a Sugaring product will reduce the impact on the environment!


We at Aqua Natural are celebrating 30 years in manufacturing of Strip Sugaring. We feel we have come full circle. When we first introduced the concept of strip sugaring back in 1989 it was received with much skepticism within the industry.  But today we are the leading brand in this sector and the only one to have been registered with the Vegan Society and certified by Cruelty Free international.  Strip Sugaring is a natural, ethical and environmentally conscious alternative to the normal waxing products. It is formulated from natural ingredients our specialist blend of sugar syrups and it’s benefits far surpass waxes. Not only is there a benefit to the client as being a gentle and less painful, biodegradable, water soluble and recyclable all things waxes are not and benefits that reduce its impact on the environment.

Most waxes are chemically formulated with polymer and resins which act as a glue and can only be removed using solvents. They can take decades to biodegrade and end up in landfills. Once the wax is in the warmer the client has no knowledge of what is being used on their skin. With most beauty treatments the therapist will talk the client through the various products on offer and benefits of each one, giving them a choice. But when it comes to waxing it’s not the case.

Our aim is to introduce the students to using strip sugaring. It is ideal for beginners to practice during the training for waxing course as the product is water soluble and gentle on skin. It is also very cost effective as there would be no use of solvents either for cleaning or during the treatment.

We shall be at the Professional Beauty London and will be doing demonstrations and would encourage anyone who wishes to learn more about strip sugaring to visit our stand W32.

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Tips for application of Aqua Natural Strip Sugaring


The term ‘Sugaring’ has long been traditionally associated with hair removal as an ancient practice and still extensively practised in the Middle East, Africa and India. However, the technique of flicking the sugar paste needs to be mastered with additional training.
Strip sugaring is a way forward to introduce alongside with general waxing training. The application is same as waxing, applied warm and removed with the strip.
The application is suitable to all parts of the body, full legs, bikini, underarms and face.
The product can be warmed in a wax warmer and applied at a temps between 45-48 degrees. The consistency should like a runny honey. The full jar would be let to melt on a medium heat and then reduced to the lowest setting to keep it to a right consistency.
How does strip sugar work?
• The skin preparation is using a mild diluted shower gel (in a spray) to cleanse the skin from any moisturiser, oil or makeup.
• Wipe the skin dry
• Dusting with talc is essential as it would absorb any moisture from the skin
• A thin application will help with efficacy. May apply a large area but remove in small sections
• Place the strip, smooth it down, hold the skin taut flick the strip at a parallel angle to pull it.
• To remove any residue use a damp towel compress to wipe it down.
• Finish with any water based after treatment.

• Completely Water soluble will wipe any spillages (no need of solvents)
• Gentle on sensitive skin as it will pull the hair without causing trauma to the skin
• Alternative product those who have wax allergies
• Suitable as a vegan treatment
• Biodegradable as will dissolve instantly making it safe for the environment
• Application can be repeated
• Takes a while to master the temperature as warmers differ in settings
• The angle the strip is pulled as close to the skin to get the hair adhere to the product
• Application to be thin
• Skin preparation is vital, making sure it is free from oil, moisturiser and not damp

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