Strip Sugar safe for the environment

sugar waxing is good for the environment

Why using a Sugaring product will reduce the impact on the environment!


We at Aqua Natural are celebrating 30 years in manufacturing of Strip Sugaring. We feel we have come full circle. When we first introduced the concept of strip sugaring back in 1989 it was received with much skepticism within the industry.  But today we are the leading brand in this sector and the only one to have been registered with the Vegan Society and certified by Cruelty Free international.  Strip Sugaring is a natural, ethical and environmentally conscious alternative to the normal waxing products. It is formulated from natural ingredients our specialist blend of sugar syrups and it’s benefits far surpass waxes. Not only is there a benefit to the client as being a gentle and less painful, biodegradable, water soluble and recyclable all things waxes are not and benefits that reduce its impact on the environment.

Most waxes are chemically formulated with polymer and resins which act as a glue and can only be removed using solvents. They can take decades to biodegrade and end up in landfills. Once the wax is in the warmer the client has no knowledge of what is being used on their skin. With most beauty treatments the therapist will talk the client through the various products on offer and benefits of each one, giving them a choice. But when it comes to waxing it’s not the case.

Our aim is to introduce the students to using strip sugaring. It is ideal for beginners to practice during the training for waxing course as the product is water soluble and gentle on skin. It is also very cost effective as there would be no use of solvents either for cleaning or during the treatment.

We shall be at the Professional Beauty London and will be doing demonstrations and would encourage anyone who wishes to learn more about strip sugaring to visit our stand W32.

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