Waxing Trends And Opportunities Post Lockdown

waxing opportunities after lockdown for salons who are opening their doors

I’m sure you’re all looking forward to it, perhaps slightly nervous after a long period of lockdown. But my sincere thoughts to all those who unfortunately, sadly won’t be able to return to their businesses.

I hope you’re all well and finally, the date that we much expected has arrived for the opening of the economy and for salons eventually being allowed to open.

According to recent figures from the beauty independent industry reckons that 5000 hair and beauty businesses have gone under. And that’s a sobering thought for all to consider that we are lucky to resume back.

Time has been moving on, I have done little manufacturing, but have spent valuable time trying to learn my social media skills. And just enjoying some quality time at home as well.

Most of you, I found that you’ve been spending on training new treatments that have come out, and many have been tutoring and doing online courses which have been available. So I’m sure that’s going to be so much useful when you open up.

One thing that I am quite looking forward to is particularly recently Marta Zaczkowska of the waxing Academy had an interview with professional beauty where she mentioned about the new trends that are going to be in the industry. And one she particularly mentioned was strip sugar wax.

The reason being is that many people or consumers who have had time staying at home have been researching, finding out what the impact of the whole lockdown has made on the environment, how we should look and consider how we see the future of sustainability, particularly in the beauty business.

It has been tough, and a lot of brands have gone under and this will as you all know how has affected on all of us in the industry

As strip sugaring being a natural product, that she felt salons could probably in time will adapt to it, because being a sugar based product, it’s water soluble, it’s sustainable. And so that’s a positive that I’ve taken out, and I’m looking forward to introducing the brand into a lot more salons in the coming weeks and months.

The other thing was the baby boom, that has been mentioned that this year there will be a lot of pregnant women who will look forward to getting themselves pampered and coming especially for a waxing treatment. This has been much more in the media even recently, as in the April issue of Professional Beauty that they’ve talked about that how to look after pregnant women and how you one can capitalise on that aspect of the sector.

Apart from that, I wish you all well.  Hopefully, in the next month we will find out whether the opening of the economy has been a success! Expecting to have cues outside our doors! Wishing all the best and I hope the next few weeks are busy, happy one – take care and hopefully get you in the next issue.